Shaq Says His Sons Will "Definitely" Make The NBA, And Jason Williams' Son

Earlier in the week, Home Team Hoops released a video of Shaq's sons, 16-year old Shareef and 13-year old Shaqir, shooting hoops with Jason Williams' son, Jaxon, at their home basketball court aka The Shaq Center. TMZ caught up with (a slim-looking) Shaq at the airport to ask him about the video and if he thought the youngsters could make the league. Shaq responded by saying both of his kids and Jaxon have what it takes and will be in the NBA.

I'm sure a few of you are going to challenge that prediction based off of what you have seen or know about the kids but keep in mind, Shaq aka the most dominant player ever, was so awkward at the age of 13 that he couldn't even dunk despite being 6'10! Shaq was also such an unknown at the end of his high-school career, Dick Vitale didn't even know who he was when Shaq introduced himself at the McDonalds All-American game. But it only took a few minutes for Vitale to remember his name.

Before we get into a few vids of proud Dad Shaq's kids and Jaxon, we have to give a shout out to the guy with Shaq, Anthony Hall aka Tony from 'Blue Chips.'  OK, now let's get to the highlights of a couple popular Blue Chippers.