Shaq Says Kevin Durant Needs G-14 Classification (Championship) To Criticize Him

On the latest episode of The Big Podcast With Shaquille O'Neal, the 4x NBA Champ said his final words about the overblown Twitter war between himself and the Warriors' JaVale McGee and said he will never mention the Shaqtin' a Fool legend by name again. The white flag was waived by Shaq after McGee's mom called him a "cyber-bully" and said he should be fired from TNT, the Warriors contacted Turner Networks (and probably threatened them with a bunch of BS) and his Mom -- the only person besides father time that could stop him -- asked him to end it.

In a recent interview with Ben Golliver of SI, Shaq did have a few words for McGee's teammate Kevin Durant, who stuck up for McGee by criticizing Shaq's game and saying he didn't have skills.

“KD doesn’t have G–14 Classification,” O’Neal told The Crossover, referring to his oft-mentioned “unwritten” designation that applies to players who have won titles. “He can’t talk to me like that. He may think he does, and he’s sticking up for his teammate. He’s a great player, but you ain’t in the club yet. You’re on the outside in line with [Charles] Barkley, [Karl] Malone and [John] Stockton. You’re not in the club with me and those [championship] guys. That’s why I tweeted him, ‘Mind ya business.’”

“LeBron has a lot of clearance because he’s won championships,” O’Neal said. “But when a guy who hasn’t won championships makes comments, you say, ‘How do you know?’ … [Durant] was just trying to stick up for his teammate. If you read into what he said, none of his s--- made sense. Well, actually some of it made sense. He said I was strong and I bullied people. Of course, that’s exactly what I did. I’m not going to go shoot jumpers and do all of that.

“Just put it this way: The league is soft and these guys are sensitive, period. I was sensitive [as a player] too but I never went back at [older players]. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain never said s--- to [support] me. Did I cry about it? No. Kareem said in the paper one time, when they asked him, ‘Shaq is doing great, he has numbers similar to yours, what do you think?’ His response was, ‘Well, he hasn’t won a championship yet.’ I could have gone back at him, but I didn’t. I sucked it up like a real man and was like, ‘OK, watch this.’ A lot of guys, these days, when you say anything about them they start whimpering and crying.”

I couldn't agree more about how sensitive people are nowadays and it's not just the players. Last month, Mavs owner Mark Cuban pressured Bleacher Report to delete a joke/tweet about Dirk Nowitzki with threats. And just this week, former Houston Rocket Vernon "Mad Max" Maxwell came under fire for cracking jokes about the Utah Jazz by referencing International Women's Day.

How fitting that we are playing the jazz and it just happens to be International Women's Day....

After complaints from people on Twitter, Max tweeted an apology to offended women and followed it with an extremely funny shot at Utah.

I'd like 2 apologize Jazz fans that were offended by my tweets. If I knew u guys had internet in Utah I would've never made those tweets.

Max then posted a few more tweets reiterating how sensitive Utah Jazz fans are and I'll reiterate it's not just Utah Jazz fans, it's the freaking over sensitive society in a social media age. All I can really say is these people must have really great lives if words on the internet by strangers are worth getting mad at and worthy of your not-so-precious time in your day to respond to. Or, their lives must really suck. I'll go with the latter.

And this is the perfect time to watch last night's JaVale-less edition of Shaqtin' A Fool...and laugh!