Shaq says Nash was a sympathy MVP and he was the true MVP

It always makes me shake my head when I think about the fact that Shaq only has 1 MVP award.  He came close a few times and none of those times were closer than the 2004/05 season. Shaq lost to Steve Nash in the MVP voting by only 34 points (1066 – 1032, Dirk was 3rd with 349 pts) and many thought it was a joke that the Suns’ guard who averaged 15.5 points and 11.5 assists won it over Miami’s big man. Those same people thought it was a bigger joke when he won it again the next season and joined a short list of players with two MVP awards.

The only person I knew of that thought Nash was a true MVP was Nelly Furtado because she actually said it in a song.

A few years later Shaq did an interview with Vibe Magazine and spoke candidly about the robbery.

Steve Nash is my boy, but I don’t see how the f— he got it twice. I was taught never to complain because you can’t beat the system. People know who the real dominant guy was. But Steve Nash, I don’t want to say it because you might print it and it might cause problems. I don’t believe he beat me out twice.

Being the nice guy Nash is, when he was told about Shaq’ comments he just replied with a “he’s entitled to his own opinions.”

Shaq also shared his true feeling on the topic on a 2014 episode of  “Open Court” when he asked if Nash was a true MVP or a sympathy MVP.  When Kenny Smith replied with “true MVP,” Shaq went into a hilarious bragging rant.

Over me, twice? Get outta here! Get outta here! Whatever you smoking take it back. Wherever you ordered from tell em it aint no good! He’s a sympathy MVP. I was too big, too strong and I can’t get it every year!


As for those other close times. Shaq came in 2nd to David Robinson during the 94/95 season and was 3rd during his 2nd and 3rd Championship years with the Lakers (Iverson and Duncan won MVP those two seasons). Shaq was also 4th in MVP voting in his 2nd season. People tend to overlook the young Magic Shaq – who made the NBA’s Top 50 list as a member of the Magic – because they didn’t see him play or just assume he wasn’t that great because of his age but Shaq was in the top 10 for MVP votes every year with the Magic including his rookie season (7).