Shaq Says Today’s NBA is Very Soft & Anthony Davis Would Be BBQ Chicken

“That’s right I said it” tweeted Shaq in response to the media quoting him saying today’s NBA is “very soft” to the Wall Street Journal during a recent visit to China to promote Mike Miller’s energy drink.

“It was actually kind of soft when I played, too,” said the MDE (Most Dominant Ever). “Before I played, that was the real NBA, and I’m sure the guys that played before me would say that’s the real NBA. But before I came in, with Mike playing against Detroit and the Bad Boys – that was the real NBA. I kind of played in the soft era, also. And then of course, with me being dominant, everybody crying about the rules, that just made it more so. But now it’s very soft.”

The comments will surely cause some debate just like his recent comments about Dr J being better than MJ and LeBron and the All-Time Lakers being better than the All-Time Bulls.

During the same interview, he was asked if he misses playing basketball and as expected Shaq had a quotable reply.

“Never,” Shaq replied. “No, I don’t miss the game. Because, to put it in kung fu terms, the master Shaq Fu killed off all of his enemies.

“Now, there are new enemies that have come up, but they’re no match for the great Shaq Fu. So, the great Shaq Fu is in the mountain, chilling with Buddha and the monasteries, chilling with the rest of the Buddhist monks. And whoever wants to challenge him, they know where to find him.”

When asked about current young stars like Anthony Davis, Shaq was also in classic form.

“Too little for me,” he said of Davis. “That’s barbeque chicken down there.”

One young player he did compliment during the interview was Steph Curry who he said was his favorite young player today. He also said Curry “looks like a baby out there. He looks cute out there.”

These quotes had some perfect timing with the release of two other videos that surfaced in the past 2 days. The first being Shaq killing Nick Cannon during a Wild ‘N Out freestyle battle with a line about Mariah Carey and the other being video from his monster triple double of 24 points, 28 rebounds and 15 blocks during his 2nd year in the league.  24, 28, 15! Talk about BBQ chicken.