Shaq Says Bench Players Like Tyronn Lue Weren't Allowed To Talk To Him

"Starting 5, Big Shot Rob, B Shaw and Rick Fox. Everybody else...Tyronn Lue couldn't say nothing. Ruben Patterson couldn't say nothing." 

Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue must have hated his time with the Lakers. Between not being important enough to talk to Shaq, Kobe wanting to fight him for blocking his dunk and being remembered most for getting stepped over by Allen Iverson, what good came out of his time in LA?  Well, 2 rings was nice. Also, learning from the Zen Master and watching how he dealt with the 2 biggest egos in the NBA probably helped prepare him for his current job.

Back to Shaq and the amusing video clip above, I'm 99.9% sure Shaq was just joking around. Just like he is in the following picture of him joking around with Lue on a plane.