Reebok Shaqnosis "Steel"

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Shaquille O'Neal

Everything about Steel was a disaster, from the casting of Shaq, to the story to the production to the casting of Shaq and especially that horrible looking costume that the miscasted Shaq had to wear.  The $16 million dollar budget film grossed a little more than $1.6 million* as critics unanimously butchered it and Shaq was rewarded with a Razzie nomination but thanks to Kevin Costner, Shaq didn’t win that year….but Shaq wasn’t use to winning much back then anyways.

16 years later, ScreenRant is awarding Shaq and the film  the award of “Worst From Page to Screen Costume” beating out the Green Lantern, Batman & Robin (also from 97), The Phantom and the Fantastic Four.  Reebok is doing it's part honoring the Ed Wood worthy film and Shaq's costume by releasing a "Steel" version of the Shaqnosis sneakers.

If you refuse to believe the film is as bad as everybody says it is then be my guest and watch the full 96 minute film below.

If you thought Steel's box office mojo was bad, Kevin Durant's Thunderstruck barely grossed half a million in the theaters and that's what SpaceJam made before 8pm on opening day at a ticket price less than half of what it costs today.

Ballislife | Shaqnosis x Steel
Shaqnosis x Steel | Steel Colorway

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