Shaq’s beef with Kendrick Perkins / Barkley explains “what’s beef” & what he would do to Skip Bayless

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Ha ha ha ha ha, check out this bizarre,
rapper style used by me, the B.I.G. – Biggie, What’s Beef

No stranger to “beef,” the big fella who made the underrated “You Can’t Stop the Reign” track with Biggie has had his share of beef.  From Penny to Kobe on the court, rapper Skillz on wax, multiple women in court and for this generations battleground, Jalen Rose and Kendrick Perkins on Twitter.  But don’t call the Tweeting battleground a “battle” because Barkley explains it’s “beef” because “black folks and rappers have beef” and Shaq is both although some of you might try to argue against the rapper credit.


This Twitter beef centers around Perkins thinking the MDE talks too much about himself so Shaq, in this 2 minute clip that will go down in the Inside the NBA hall of fame, moved the focus off himself and to ex teammate and not so statistically productive center for OKC.  

There’s also a great moment near the end when Barkley says they would need DNA to identify the body of Skip Bayless if he was ever alone in a room with him.

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