Shaq’s “Diesel’s Top 10 Dunks of the Week” (MKG, LeBron, Green, Harden & more)

The “Diesel’s Top 10 Dunks” segment isn’t as popular as Shaqtin’ a Fool but for those who enjoy facials and posters, Shaq’s commentary on the best dunks of the week with his ex teammate from Orlando, 3D, is just as entertaining.

  1. MKG with the “baptism”
  2. Patrick Beverley with the surprising dunk on Chris Bosh
  3. LeBron reverse alley-oop dunk
  4. Gerald Green baseline reverse vs the Magic
  5. Gerald Green Nique like dunk on Plumlee
  6. James Harden over McRoberts
  7. Paul George on Henry Sims
  8. Taj Gibson’s big putback vs the Pacers
  9. Terrence Ross takes flight against the Hawks
  10. Tim Hardaway Jr with the reverse


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