Shaq’s Funniest & Best Moments on Inside the NBA

When it comes to Shaq being on TV, people seemed to be split into two groups: the love Shaq group or hate is not a strong enough word group.

There’s people like me that enjoy seeing him on TNT and thinks he brings an unique element to the chemistry of the show by not looking like he has any chemistry with the other characters on the show. I always said the game is going to miss Shaq when he’s gone and I feel the same about him being on TV…but not his god-awful TruTV Tosh.0 rip-off show or any airings of Kazaam, Steel or even Good Burger on TV.

Then there’s the group that find the Shaqtin’ a fool creator a bigger fool and disaster than Kazaam and Steel put together mixed with his career with the Celtics and a touch of his rap music – well, I actually liked a lot of his rap songs especially when compared to Kobe, Chris Webber, Jason Kidd or Ron Artest.

So for those people that get pissed every time Shaq cracks a joke about Dwight Howard or says “Bar-B-Q Chicken” or brags about himself or gets into an argument with Barkley then you will probably hate every second of this 23 minute compilation of Shaq’s “BEST” moments on Inside the NBA


Shout out to NBA Showtime (aka Ashok Gamer) for putting these compilations together and supplying most hoop sites and blogs with half of their daily dose of videos.  He’s also a major contributor to Ballislife.






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