Shaqtin' A Fool (1.7.16) JaVale McGee Is Still Dominating The List

Check out the latest episode of Shaqtin' a Fool which starts off with a shout out to the guy who came up with the idea of the Golden ticket which allows a player to have a lifetime exemption from the show. The man behind the idea is Mike Goldfarb (what's up Mike) and the man who took advantage of the idea was the Lakers' Larry Nance Jr (what's up Larry).

Kenny didn't seem too crazy about having a lifetime exemption and joked that they might have to come up with a Chuckin' a Fool for those guys - sounds like a great future idea but in the meantime, here's the guys who made the latest Shaqtin' list.

  • Enes Kanter with the touchdown pass
  • Walter Tavares spikes the rebound
  • Bismack confuses JaVale McGee
  • JaVale McGee checks into the game with his pants on
  • JaVale McGee again!

I do want to mention that JaVale played pretty well this past week and had his best 2 games since 2013.