Shaqtin a Fool 12.19.13 (LeBron, Westbrook, Durant, Knicks)

Shaqtin’ a Fool aka Shaqtin’ a Coon formerly known as The JaVale McGee Show and now known as The Enes Kanter show usually doesn’t have too many appearances by “NBA Stars” but the latest edition features Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, LeBron and former star Amare Stoudemire…and his not so popular former #1 pick teammate.

  • Westbrook loses the ball out of bounds while trying to do a Rodmanesque rebound
  • Durant loses the ball after an ankle breaking move
  • LeBron with a horrible pass
  • Amare “hustling, hustling”
  • Bargnani fumbling the ball at the 3 point line – which is nothing compared to the horrible 3 pointer he attempted a couple of nights ago which gets it’s own special bonus feature after the 5 clips.

Maybe the funniest moment of this episode was the footage of Charles Barkley, who is notorious for falling asleep on shows, dozing off during the clips.



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