Shaqtin’ a Fool (3.25.14) w/ Ibaka Kicks Westbrook , Fournier & Devin Harris Worst Inbound Pass

The regular season may be winding down, but across the NBA, the foolishness is ramping up. Check out this weeks nominees for Shaqtin’ A Fool.

1.Gerald Henderson’s Miss the Dunk

vlc 2014-03-26 15-23-43-36

2. Serge Ibaka Kicks Russell Westbrook

vlc 2014-03-26 15-23-48-74

3. Mario Chalmers’ Backspin Turnover

vlc 2014-03-26 15-23-53-98

4. Even Fournier’s Horrible Inbound Pass

vlc 2014-03-26 15-23-57-79

5. Devin Harris’ Worst Inbound Pass

vlc 2014-03-26 15-24-01-40

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