Shaqtin’ a Fool (4.6.17): Inbound Fails, Rondo Flops + Derek Fisher’s Best Shaqtin’ Moments

Check out the latest edition of Shaqtin the Fool with the following guys not named JaVale McGee.

  • Al Horford doesn’t realize he got posterized by the New York Unicorn
  • Aminu tries a HORSE shot in the game
  • Aaron Gordon helps LeBron pass Shaq on the scoring list
  • Jimmy Butler catches his own airball. Maybe the ref should be featured, not Butler.
  • Rajon Rondo pisses Boogie off with a flop.

After the five nominees, Shaq did a bonus countdown featuring guest Derek Fisher. They didn’t show any footage of him coaching the Knicks and running around Matt Barne’s backyard but I do have this worthy clip from my personal VHS collection that should have been featured.

And I can’t talk about the former Laker teammates without showing their cameo in Master P’s classic “Make Em Say Uggh!”