Shaqtin a Fool - Top 5 Hard/Dirty Fouls Ever in the NBA Playoffs | Shaq never lands punches

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It's embarrassing to end up on Shaqtin a Fool but on this special edition top 5 of Shaqtin a Fool, it's a real shame to end up on this list.  Shaq counts down 5 of the hardest/dirtiest fouls in NBA playoff history. No surprise these usual suspects ended up on the list so shame on Andrew Bynum, Bill Laimbeer, Kevin McHale, Charles Oakley and Brad Miller for making it.

Now Brad Miller who Shaq "tried to touch up" didn't belong on this list but it's Shaq's list.  Barkley teases Shaq at the end that he's never seen Shaq land a punch but during Shaq's Magic days he landed a punch on Eric Montross during a preseason game and punched Alvin "the pedofile pimp" Robertson his rookie season.  Shaq even put the line in a rap song "punch you in the face like that kid from Detroit!"

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