Shareef O'Neal My Time EP3: Training With Shaq & The Family

Check out the latest episode of Home Team Hoops' "My Time" series with Shareef O'Neal.

In the latest, Papa Shaq comes along with the family of young hoopers to a workout with trainer James Hunt. Some of the highlights include Shaq showing Reef how to do the Black Tornado (something Arvydas Sabonis never wants to hear about again), talking about how many times he's ever been dunked on (you can "look it up" here and the backboard breaker happened later in the season), showing off his shooting range (the "Black Steph Curry) and making Shareef 10 dunk straight times if he misses two free throws.

Other highlights in the 48-minute video include extended coverage of the viral pick-up game featuring rapper Quavo and high school teammate Bol Bol.


If you over 30 (like me) and remember watching the MTV Cribs episode with Shaq (below), then seeing videos of Shareef, Shaqir, Mimi and Me'Arah like this "My Time" one should make you feel really old.