Shareef O'Neal Throws Down A Vicious Dunk In Front Of....SHAQ?!?

Check out Shareef O'Neal throwing down a nasty dunk during Cal Supreme's 76-54 victory over Earl Watson Elite at the So Cal Spring Tip-Off.

I'm assuming you know who Shareef's famous father is and if you saw his father in public, you would recognize the 7'0 NBA great and Shaqtin' a Fool host. Well, YouTube Channel PassportPlayasTV was in attendance for Shareef's game, filmed the game, made a mix about it and then released it with a thumbnail showing Shareef and some random bald black guy with the title: Shareef O'Neal Plays Great In Front Of Pops.

Shareef retweeted the Shaqtin' a fool worthy tweet and said, "LOL, that's not my Dad."


Once you are finished laughing and/or crying like me, you can check out the video of Shareef and his new talented teammate, Manute Bol (son of the late great Manute Bol), showing out in front of some bald black guy.