Shawn Kemp Remembers The Time He Dunked On Leonardo DiCaprio At A MTV Rock N’ Jock Game

At this past weekend’s And1 Remix Dunk Contest, Embassy Interactive caught up with Shawn Kemp to talk about what’s missing from today’s dunk contest and reflect on the glory days, when The Reign Man was participating in the event and dunking on any and everybody, including a young Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90’s MTV Rock and Jock Games.

When asked about the dunk on the future Oscar winner, Kemp laughed and said he also had the ball stolen from him by Queen Latifah in that same game. I think the passing of two decades has his memory a little foggy because the Queen Latifah rip happened in the 1994 game (check the 7:00 mark in the following vid), which also featured Chris Webber and dunk contest winner JR Rider.

As for “the dunk on Leo,” Wikipedia says it happened and there are tons of blogs out there that says it happened, but Kemp was teammates with Leo and Latifah in the 1992 Rock N’ Jock game and this was Leo’s only Rock N’ Jock appearance. Unless I’m missing something, the reason why nobody has footage of this dunk is because it didn’t happen in the game.

Whether it happened or not, I’m glad the story was brought up because I have a lot of fond memories of these MTV celeb games. Unfortunately, they became less popular throughout the years — despite appearances by boy bands like N’Sync — and eventually died in 2001.




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