Shoot360 is the Future of Basketball Training


Shoot360 has just landed here in Los Angeles. And they’re ready to introduce all of the LA hoopers to the future of basketball training.

Shoot360 already has training facilities in Beaverton, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington. Now expanding their training facility out to Los Angeles. If you’re unaware of who & what Shoot360 is check out these video clips below…

Overall Shoot360 offers training programs where athletes can track & see stats on where they need improvement for their game. With the likes of the Noah Basketball System athletes can track instant feedback to adapt & correct their shot.

The Noah Basketball system offers feedback such as your arch. If your shot is flat, Noah will let you know how much of an arch you need, especially if you’re consistently launching bricks. The system can also help you improve on your not-so-hot spots on the floor. Keeping track of where you get buckets & where you don’t get buckets. All provided by a screen with instant feedback & results.

Shoot360 also features 94Fifty. A program that was created with sensors to track & assist in the ball handling category. Using on screen drill presentations along with sensors to track ball control, dribble speed, coordination, & your right vs your left hand skills. The 94Fifty program can definitely help all hoops improve their ball handling skills with immediate feedback.

“Test. Train. Track. Compete.”

The words to live by from the staff of Shoot360. Not only does the facility offer training programs where hoopers can track their stats to see where how they progress, but records are kept for all the participants who use the facility. Basically they keep track of your records whether it be shooting or ball handling. And they compare it to the other Shoot360 facilities in the nation. So in other words, there’s a level of competition to see who’s currently the best shooter or ball handler with the best stats. ¬†Placing a level of competition to keep members actively working on their game.

Members will have access to an online profile to track all their stats & see how they’re improving or not improving. All those stats can be compared to your friends that also train at Shoot360.

Providing instant feedback, accurate results, nationwide competition, & an overall futuristic basketball experience where hoopers can improve their game. This is the place to maximize potential & to have fun while doing it. This is the future of basketball. This is Shoot360.

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And if you’re in the LA region, swing by the grand opening this Saturday August 27th for tours, free clinics, & a glimpse into the future of basketball!

Shoot360 Los Angeles 

2076 Artesia Blvd.

Torrance, CA 90504