Should Dunking be an Olympic Sport?

Should “Dunking” be an Olympic sport?  Don’t laugh or yell “Hell No” yet.  Take a look at what goes on at the Olympics and think about it.
Many sports have multiple events and we are talking about a place where playing Table Tennis can get you the same gold medal that Usain Bolt and Gabby Douglas gets.  Do you watch Judo and Taekwondo?  Do you watch the 20+ events for swimming and synchronized swimming?

If Michael Phelps can have the opportunity to look like Slick Rick with all of that gold around his neck then why can’t LeBron have a shot at winning more than 1 gold at each Olympics for being such a great athlete within his sport?  This is also bring up another discussion for another day but is it fair to say Phelps is the greatest Olympian ever when he has more chances at each Olympics to win medals. Why not give basketball players the opportunity to show off their individual skills and I don’t mean allow them to play Nigeria more than once.

Dunking is not only the most exciting element in basketball but it’s something that people can appreciate even if they don’t like basketball.  To be an exceptional contest dunker it takes a lot of athleticism, concentration and unique skills to pull off.

If you can win a medal for jumping off a trampoline then I don’t see why jumping and performing art in the air without one shouldn’t be considered.

Note:  The NBA & FIBA are pushing to make 3on3 basketball a future Olympic event.

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