Sidney Moncrief aka Sid The Squid aka One of the Most Underrated Players of the 80s

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Sidney Moncrief

Call him El Sid. Call him Sid the Squid. Call him Sir Sid. I just hate to call Sidney Moncrief overlooked now and underrated in the past.

Although the 5 x All-Star was good for 20+ a night during his prime, he was mostly known for his defense and won back-to-back NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards between 82 and 84. His defense was so good, Michael Jordan even gave him props during an interview with the LA Times: “When you play against Moncrief, you’re in for a night of all-around basketball. He’ll hound you everywhere you go, both ends of the court. You just expect it.”

Not bad for a guy who was told by a doctor his knees probably wont last more than 2 years in the NBA.  They lasted 11, which was good enough to get him into the Hall of Fame – oh wait, he’s still not in the hall of fame! I guess he’s just as overlooked and underrated now as he was 30 years ago.