Silence! Joey Crawford Tells Mozgov to “Shut up” & Klay Thompson Tells The Crowd To Be Quiet

Classic mean Joey!  During the 2nd quarter of GM4, referee Joey Crawford yelled “shut up” to a complaining Mozgov as if Timofey was a ball boy who didn’t do a good enough job mopping up the floor.

Mozgov, who scored a game-high 28 points, just walked away from the  grumpy ref who once ejected Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench.

LeBron then came over to see if he could smooth things out or be a translator but Joey didn’t want to hear it from him either.


With a few minutes left in the game and a comfortable lead, Klay Thompson told the Cleveland crowd to shut up but in a nicer and more quiet way – quiet like his 9 points.