Sir Issac reverse between the legs over the Suns mascot | wins the Phx 3-on-3 Dunk Contest (Werm, G-Smith, Roth)

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DeMar DeRozan

Let’s just crown Sir Issac the title of “3-on-3 Dunk Champion.”

2 years ago he went on tour with the Sprite Showdown and NBA3x Summer tour and put on an insane dunk show for 3-on-3 teams all across the country.  During that year he also won his 3rd straight Houston Rockets Blacktop 3-on-3 dunk championship and last month he won his 4th.  The latest 3-on-3 dunk contest challenge for him to conquer was the Phoenix 3-on-3 event that took place this past weekend.  The competition included his past Showdown tour teammate G-Smith, 5x Showdown champion Werm, who beat Issac 3 years ago in Dallas, and high-flying newcomer Jared Roth.

Hometown favorite G-Smith was fighting a bug and sick to his stomach before the event even started but the competitive juices in the current Ballup streetballer wouldn’t allow him to stay in bed.  The result was a few sick dunks and then a visit to the hospital afterwards.

Werm, the inventor of the scoop dunk done by DeMar DeRozan in the NBA dunk contest, was consistent and impressive as always with his variety of off 1 foot dunks.

But it was Issac who would take home another 3-on-3 dunk trophy with his reverse between the legs dunk over  the Suns mascot.



Shout out to Billy of Dunkademics who was also at the event.



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