Sir Issac vs Kenny Dobbs Crazy Dunk Contest in Dallas

Back in July, I had the pleasure of joining former NBA dunk champion Jeremy Evans, Dunk legend Darryl Dawkins and dunk phenom Myree “Reemix” Bowden” as a judge for the Dallas Sprite Showdown contest.  Besides convincing Jeremy Evans to be the Russian Judge, the highlight of the event was watching arguably the best dunker in the world (Kenny Dobbs) face off against arguably the highest jumping dunker in the world (Issac White aka Sir Issac).  Kenny Dobbs, who won the 2012 Showdown finals at All-Star weekend with a blindfolded between the legs dunk over 3 people, left with another trophy and check to add to his dunk showcase but H-Town’s Sir Issac made the most noise that day especially with a between the legs elbow dunk over a person that was so powerful that it caused a screw to pop out of the rim.

Two other impressive contestants, BA & Slam, just released a new mix on the event with every impressive warm-up and contest dunk and there’s some great stuff in it that wasn’t in the NBA’s original shot with a GoPro recap mix.

Since this event, Kenny Dobbs has been travelling the world with NBA Legends, putting on events with the Phoenix Suns and was featured in our Best Yourself series that we did with Honda and Issac just recently had a tryout with the Harlem Globetrotters and spent part of his summer in China playing alongside Allen Iverson.




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