Sir Lance A Lot wants you to vote for Lance Stephenson

DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t have the best rep in the league so he recruited Mayor Kevin Johnson to campaign for him to make the All-Star game and last night Boogie did his best, by putting up 31 points and 13 rebounds against the Pacers, to show why he’s All-Star material.  In the same game, Lance Stephenson did his best to get some All-Star votes by putting put up 13/5/5 in 29 minutes in a 24 point win for the Pacers.

Lance is going to need a bigger marketing campaign to get him to New Orleans next month but instead of getting political he recruited Sir Lance A Lot. So who is Sir Lance A Lot?  He’s kind of hard to explain so I recommend you just watch the video and if you want to vote for the NBA’s triple double leader then all you have to do To Vote is TEXT: “Lance Stephenson” to 69622 or Tweet #NBABallot Lance Stephenson!




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