Slim Thug recruiting Dwight Howard with strippers, baby mama financial advice & an escape from Kobe

Time Warner in LA is willing to give Dwight a TV show.  Raising Canes is willing to give Dwight a lifetime of fried chicken. The Houston Rockets sent Houston legends Hakeem and Clyde Drexler along with James Harden and Parsons to persuade Dwight to come to Houston, but the man that might of gave the player with up to 8 kids and 6 baby mamas the biggest incentive to come to H-Town is 6’6 Houston rapper Slim Thug.

Slim tweeted Dwight a series of tweets ranging from Kobe acting like a girl to local strippers to the price of bottles and cribs and the benefits of having a baby mama in Texas compared to California.  Dwight only has to ask Steve Nash about the price of child support in LA because that’s supposedly the main reason why he doesn’t want his ex wife and kids to move to Cali.   Considering Dwight has up to 8 kids with 6 different baby mamas the apples that Slim was discussing might be a lot more enticing than 30 extra million in LA or half a million dollars worth of fried chicken and Texas toast.

Take it from somebody that lives in Houston and enjoys the low prices on homes and enjoys weekends at the Galleria and a lot of “spots” within a 2 mile radius of the Galleria on Westhiemer and Richmond. Everything Slim is saying is true.



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