Smart Play of the Day: Kirk Hinrich with the amazing touch pass…or did he break the play

Players in this post:
Kirk Hinrich Josh Smith Joe Johnson

When I first saw the play I didn’t even realize that Kirk Hinrich was involved.  I thought Josh Smith saw a wide open Joe Johnson in the corner so he threw the long pass to him.  Then I heard the announcer say “Hinrich knew he had Joe behind him” so I watched the replay and saw that Hinrich caught the ball and then threw a behind his head no look pass to Joe.  Then I watched it again and saw that Kirk was telling Josh Smith to throw the ball to the corner, Josh threw it, Kirk seemed to have intercepted it and then threw it to Joe Johnson.   If that was the case then either Josh Smith threw a bad pass or Kirk just broke the play and found a way to rob Smith of an assist.

What do you think?

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