Talladega College’s Snap Peters is the best dunker in college | 360 oop & Between the legs dunk in a game

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If you are from Houston, like me, then you know the name “Snap.”

Snap is 6’2 guard/dunk phenom Brandon Peters from the back-to-back Texas State champions of Yates High school in 09 & 2010.  His dunking exploits are legendardy in H-Town and is always mentioned with Air Up There aka Mr 720 & current Harlem Globetrotter & Rockets Blacktop King Sir Isaac as one of the 3 best high flyers from Houston.

Although the national buzz on Brandon has been muted over the past few year as he bounced around from one college to the next (Western Kentucky, Lamar State-Port Arthur, Midwestern State), he’s ready to start making some noise again with his insane bounce at  his current college – Talladega in Alabama.

Last night, a video went viral showing a few highlights from “Snap” during Talladega’s 140-104 victory over Fisk University.  The first clip shows Snap hitting a half-court shot, but that clip only serves as foreplay for the real show – a between the legs dunk impress enough to take away headlines and tweets about LeBron’s mask.

Although the dunk rarely happens, we have been seeing it in games going back to the mid 90s when Kobe did it in a high school game to the NBA where Ricky Davis pulled it off.  So as impressive as Snap’s between the legs dunk in a game was, I’m more impressed with some of his other dunks including this in-game 360 alley-oop dunk from earlier in the year.

Here’s a personal story that I’m not even sure Snap knows about.  After Yates won their 2nd championship, I was working with lawyer Jim Adler aka The Texas Hammer to put on a big Ring Ceremony event back in May of 2010 at Jack Yates High School.  The Adler law firm went all out with guests, media and even had these beautiful championship rings made (by Diamond Cutters International) for Snap and his teammates but the University Interscholastic League rules said no no to the gifts and we had to cancel the event.

Via Adler Press Release,
UIL rules are designed to protect the amateur status of Texas public school athletes and ensure they are not unfairly recruited by colleges or professional sports teams with lures of gifts. Friday’s planned ring ceremony was not designed for any such purpose, but rather as a philanthropic gesture to honor the achievements of the Yates team. The team won a second consecutive state championship and was the consensus national champion as voted by various publications, including USA Today.

Unfortunately those beautiful rings are probably still sitting at the Galleria offices of Adler but hopefully after this media attention, Snap will be able to win some hardware in the form of College Slam Dunk trophy in the future.

Speaking of H-Town dunkers. It’s time again for the Houston Rocket’s Blacktop Battle and dunk contest which is won every single year by Isaac White aka Sir Isaac.  Last year he faced off against an impressive newcomer named Jay “Got Bounce” Brown so I’m really looking forward to seeing what goes down at next month’s event.

Here’s a video recap of last year’s contest.

Special Thanks to Talladega College Mens Basketball Program 

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