Sneakerheads Unite At The LA Dunk XChange

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Ballislife | LA Dunk XChange Flyer

There are many people who claim to be about this life or go broke trying to imitate. Others are fascinated by the artwork of sneakers but do not spend their money or time trying to obtain the shoes. The average person may have about 20 or 30 pairs of kicks in their closet. These people are not average. The sneaker culture is one of the most loyal and dedicated group of people that spend majority of there time thinking, reading,and dreaming about exclusive kicks.Not only do they appreciate the art of sneaker but they go the distance to obtain them.

Ballislife | Kicks at LA Dunk XChange

Last weekend Over 1500 sneaker heads gathered together for the 2013 dunk exchange event in LA . Shoe fiends from all over the world met up to buy,sell, and trade some of their most prize possessions. Some of the most rarest kicks on the market were available for purchases such as the Air Yeezy’s,MVP Lebron’s and every pair of retro Jordan’s you could imagine.Sneaker heads spend top dollars at these events to ensure there collection is complete. One vender was offered 2,500 for his pair of MVP Lebron’s which he had to respectfully decline the offer.

Ballislife | Lebron X What the MVPs

From waiting out in lines to camping out for several days ,sneaker heads do what it takes to get what they want. There is no faking this lifestyle. The sneak geeks spend years collecting and devoting time to their craft. Its more then just a pair of shoes more then a hobby its a way of life. Check out some of the most exclusive kicks spotted at the Los Angeles Dunk Exchange.

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