SNL parodies the NBA on NBC theme song | Great NBA on NBC intros

(UPDATE: the full video has been removed)

If you grew up loving basketball in the early 90s, then one of your favorite moments of every weekend was when John Tesh’s “Roundball Rock” music came on (DA DA DA DA DA DAAA DA DA) to start off a double or triple-header of NBA games on NBC.

That sound was like the sound of a bell to Pavlov’s dogs. I would drop whatever weekend chore I was doing to run to my 100-pound, 27- inch box television, pop a VHS tape into my VCR, set it to LP mode (because I couldn’t afford to keep recording in SP), and turn on my Dolby Surround speakers to watch one of the only NBA games I’ll get to see that week besides my local team (Orlando) and the TBS (Hawks) and WGN (Bulls) games.

Like every basketball fan, I was pissed when ABC took over and more pissed when I found out that they declined to use John Tesh’s music. This was the equivalent of making a sequel to a movie and not bringing back the star of the original.

This past weekend on SNL, they took us back to the good ol’ NBC days of Bulls vs Blazers and spoofed the pitch NBC execs heard from John Tesh and his brother, who wanted to sing “Ba ba ba ba ba basketball gimme gimme gimme the ball because I’m gonna dunk it!” over the music.

Enjoy the video and some of these great “cheesy” NBC game intros!


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