So Dunkers Are Doing 360 Between the Legs Dunks Over People Now? #SHUTUPANDPLAY Dunk Contest!

I still remember when Jason Richardson attempted a 360 between the legs dunk in the 2004 NBA dunk contest. It was a dunk that most people - who weren't popping the tape in their And1 VHS mixtapes - thought was impossible.

In the 11 years since that day, we have seen plenty of pro dunkers master it (Air Up There being the master of the masters) and even some pro players like Andrew Wiggins and Paul George do it.

This past weekend at the 'Shut Up and Play' Dunk Contest'in Berlin, Rafal Lipek took the dunk to another level by doing it OVER 4 People!

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I bet you were probably thinking that was the end of the contest and Lipek won.
Believe it or not, that was just one of the many never-before-seen dunks from the epic battle between him and viral dunk star Jordan Kilganon who came away with another dunk championship - with dunks like this...


WOW.....When I jumped off of my couch in 2004 watching Jason Richardson, I didn't think there would ever be a day when dunkers were jumping and dunking like this.