So LeBron was the master at playing the video game Shaq-Fu...

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ESPN released a great article about LeBron and his "mighty mind" and one of the most amusing parts (for so many reasons) of the article was finding out that LeBron and his friend Brandon Weems were big Shaq-Fu fans (Sega Genesis - really?)!

Playing video games with LeBron James is so annoying.

"When we were growing up we used to play this fighting game on the Sega Genesis called Shaq Fu," says Brandon Weems, James' lifelong friend. "LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he'd win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating."

Memorizing all the manipulations with the joystick and the A, B and C buttons back in the days before it could be Googled -- the Inferno Kick was down, toward the player, with the C button pressed, but only with the "Shaq" character, mind you -- is one thing. When James started adding the pathological layers as he got older, that's when he really started messing with his friends.

"When you play Madden with him now you have to be careful which teams you take, because he will know what your game plans were in the past when you've played with him and he'll pick the opposing team knowing what plays you want to run," says Weems, now an assistant basketball coach at Oakland University.

"You better save your favorite play, too, because he'll remember what you ran before in situations and be ready for it. Your only hope is to save it until the end and try to surprise him with it."

What makes this so funny is because Shaq-Fu is considered one of the worst games ever.  It's so bad that when Shaq and the people behind the new reboot of Shaq-Fu took to crowdfunding site, they titled it "Shaq-Fu returns and this time we won't FU it up!" and mocked the original game.

I wonder if LeBron will get a copy of the new game and beat Brandon's ass in it for talking trash and beat Shaq's ass in it for not helping him win a championship in Cleveland.  Oh well, LeBron will have his shot at redemption this season and hopefully the new Shaq-Fu redeems the first effort too.



Just in case you want to know how it probably felt watching LeBron play Shaq-Fu as a kid.  Here's a complete walk through of the game on Sega Genesis.


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