Sofoklis "Baby Shaq" Schortsanitis goes into crowd after a fan that said “I will rape your daughter and son”

“I will rape your daughter and son”

Maccabi Tel Aviv player Sofoklis "Big Sofo/Baby Shaq" Schortsanitis is used to winning and dealing with rowdy crowds all around the world.  The 2003 2nd round pick of the Clippers is a Greek League, Adriatic League, Israeli League, Greek Cup, Israeli State Cup and Italian Cup champion.  He's heard it all and is used to hearing losers scream negative things about his game, his weight and even color but there's absolutely nothing worse to say to a father than a threat about his family - children in particular.

Supposedly after Maccabi's 83-80 win over Hapoel, a fan crossed that line by leaning over the tunnel to the players's lockerooms and spat at Sofo and then said “I will rape your daughter and son” before running.  The 350lb Sofo went after him, causing a scene that will remind many of the "Malice at the Palace" back in 2004.  But the incident that comes to my mind is back in 1995 when Vernon "Mad Max" Maxwell went into the stands and punched a heckler that supposedly made racial remarks about his daughter.   Maxwell was fined $20k and suspended for 10 games which was the 2nd longest in league history at that time.   The longest was 26 games and that went to Kermit Washington for throwing the infamous punch at Maxwell's coach, Rudy T, back in 1977.

Unlike the NBA incidents, nobody was punched or physically harmed in the Sofo incident but the coach of Hapoel, who had a 4 year old son in the crowd near the incident, is asking for a season long suspension for Sofo. 

Maccabi Tel Aviv did release a press release about the incident and said that an investigation will be done before determining a punishment. 

Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club rejects and condemns any kind of violence – both physical and verbal, which is often severe and no less harmful – and makes it clear that it has no place on the sports field. We expect the players, even the most severe cases, finding the strength of mind and holding back.

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