State of Nate: Mi Familia (2013)

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New Nugget Nate Robinson might not be back in the windy city as a Chicago Bull but the awesome web series State of Nate by filmmaker T.J. Regan is back for all the Nate the Great fans that don’t care what uniform  Nate is wearing.

This episode “Mi Familia” focuses on Nate’s family and comes across as more enjoyable and real than any family and reality crap on E! and VH1.  

There’s also cameos from LeBron, Boozer, Britney Griner, Durant, James Harden, Rondo, David Lee and other players.


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[tab id=1]feature_stateofnateSTATE OF NATE is a documentary web series that follows the life of NBA player Nate Robinson. Each episode takes you behind the scenes of the NBA action and shows you the hard work and dedication put in by Nate off the court.  You also get to see the family man and adventures of being a father where NBA skills aren’t that helpful.

Each episode also features a hot soundtrack. [/tab]
[tab id=2] Episode 1: Little Big man Camp
In this episode, Nate gives you a behind the scenes look at one of his 2012 “Little Big Man” youth basketball camps

Episode 2: See You Later
This episode of State of Nate shows Nate Robinson preparing to leave his family and friends in Seattle and head to Chicago for the start of the 2013 NBA Season.

Episode 3: Windy City Debut
In this episode of #StateOfNate, Nate Robinson makes his ‘Windy City” debut with the Chicago Bulls.

Episode 4: Miami Holdat
Nate Robinson brings you on his All Star Break w/ his Family and Friends.

Episode 5: Deion Sanders
Nate Robinson’s family comes together to watch the younger generation of the Robinson crew play Pop Warner football in Seattle.

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Watch all of the episodes of the first season of “State of Nate” in the playlist above.

[tab id=4]Produced by: TJ Regan[/tab]
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YouTube: OfficialNateRobinson
Twitter: @Nate_Robinson
Facebook: Nate Robinson

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