Sonny Hill Interview “Wilt would move Shaq around like a ragdoll”

Players in this post:
Wilt Chamberlain Shaquille O’Neal

On Wilt Chamberlain’s 76th birthday, “Mr Basketball” Sonny Hill shared some interesting stories about the NBA and Wilt on The WarRoom.  Most interesting moment might be when talks about how Wilt would be able to move Shaq around like a ragdoll (12min 53 second mark).

I have no doubt in my mind Wilt would of dominated in any decade but I don’t see Shaq ever getting man handled in any decade although it is amusing to look at the pic below of a rookie Shaq and still huge and fit looking Wilt next to each other.  It’s also amusing to think back to 1992 when everybody talked about how huge Shaq was at 310 pounds.

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