Soulja Boy is Starting a Sneaker Line | WTF


Seriously? WTF is going on here. I can’t even comprehend on what’s happening in Soulja Boy’s IG post.
This isn’t even the first time Soulja has attempted to crack the sneaker industry. Back in 2008 Soulja and an apparel company that goes by the name Yums was quickly burned to the ground faster than it was brought up.
Now the second time around Soulja is seen with a pair of white mid tops that sits atop a LED lights on the sole of the shoe. Apparently these shoes are dubbed the SBeezys.
I can’t even right now… looking at the shoe is just pissing me off. The iconic phrase, “WHAT’RE THOOOSE!?” is quickly changing to “WHAT IN THE FLYING F*CK ARE YOU THINKING?!”