Salty Jazz Fans Burning and Donating Gordon Hayward Jerseys

“Have fun being LeBron’s little B word” 

Unless you just murdered someone and you are trying to get rid of all of the evidence, there’s no reason to burn clothes. And unless a NBA player murdered someone you love, there’s no reason to burn an item of clothing with that player’s name on it. Jersey burning is just childish and financially irresponsible – I’m not asking you to sell it on ebay because I know the value has dropped but if you donate it to a charity or a goodwill store you can use the donation as a tax write-off and say it’s worth whatever you paid for it when you were a fan of that player.

I can see how an idiot would take the leaving of Kevin Durant and LeBron James so personally that they would do something as stupid as burning a jersey but Gordon Hayward? The same Gordon Hayward some Utah fans booed on draft night? The same Gordon Hayward who increased his scoring every single year for the who-really-gives-a-damn Jazz? The same Gordon Hayward who wrote Utah fans a nice letter on the Players Tribune?

Every true Jazz fan should be saying “thanks” and “good luck” and giving Hayward a farewell gift (hair gel) as he takes his talents to Boston, where he will have a much better chance at a NBA championship — something the Jazz franchise has never won during their 43 years of existence.

If you want to be sour and post videos about it, then be like this Adam Sandler looking fan and donate it to the Salvation Army. But please don’t put “c/o Kelly Olynyk’s trash skills in Racist City, Ma.” especially since Kelly just took his “talents” to south beach.

Shout out to the Salt Lake Tribune for not being “salty.”