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Sequels rarely outdo the original but like Sam Raimi's 2004 hit "Spider Man Part 2,"  Streetball legend and current Ballup Streetball star Grayson Boucher aka The Professor and his co-producer Robert 'SetFree' Monroe were able to make a bigger, better and more ambitious sequel to their viral hit "Spiderman plays Basketball" that is climbing its way up to the 9 million view mark.   The challenge is can they do what Raimi couldn't do with the Spiderman and Evil Dead franchise and complete a trilogy with a strong third act.

We had a quick chat with Grayson before he launched the 3rd Spiderman video and took off to China with his Ballup crew, to talk about the surprise success of the viral vids and what's next in the future for Grayson aka The Professor aka Peter Parker aka whoever he successfully wants to be.

Were you shocked at the viral popularity of the spiderman videos?
I was shocked! I thought it would definitely be funny and get more views possibly than my regular videos, but I had no idea.  My partner and co- producer of the Spiderman videos, Robert 'Set Free' Monroe, was confident it would go viral but he didn't anticipate the 6 million views in the first week.

Each sequel is more audacious than the previous. Do you & Robert feel pressure to make something "bigger and better" each time?
We definitely are aiming to out do the previous one with each new release...but I'd say as opposed to feeling pressure we're just having a blast and also learning a lot about producing. The hardest part for us is scheduling, he is an entrepreneur and I am touring year round, so being active when were both free is tough.

You are an actor but you don't have a part in The Amazing Spiderman 2 that comes out next summer....yet! Jamie Foxx is in it and Jim Carrey is rumored to be in it. What should we do to get you in that film. Play Foxx 1 on1, Challenge the Cable Guy, Teach Andrew Garfield how to play?
(laughing) I'd guess Marvel would be most happy if I taught Andrew Garfield some moves...but I know Ballislife is about the basketball and viral potential. Bring on Jamie Foxx and the Cable guy! Either one would be a blast, can't go wrong!



What's next for Grayson Boucher or the Professor or Spiderman or whoever your next alias is?
Headed to China tomorrow to tour for a month with BallUp then headed to Australia on Decenber 3rd through the 10th for an appearance at a basketball festival in Sidney. Then that'll be it for the year. Hyped!

Be sure to follow The Professor on all his social networks and visit http://theprofessorlive.com/ to keep up with one of my favorite superheros and if you want to know more about Grayson off the court and out of the basketball and superhero uniforms then be sure to check out his #BestYourself feature below.

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