Spiderman Basketball Episode 7: Vs Carnage feat Deadpool

Since the initial viral sensation of Spiderman Basketball, every time streetball legend The Professor releases a video, half of the comments are people asking for another Spiderman basketball vid. Those people can stop whining because after a 6 month wait, director Robert Monroe (also plays Deadpool in the video) and The Professor are back with another episode.

Unlike the other vids which show Spidey breaking the ankles of local ballers, this one is a 1-on-1 showdown between Spidey and the high flying Carnage. The episode also features a cameo by streetball legend Bone Collector as Captain America and for the first time, shows The Professor revealing himself to the public.

We also need to give a big shout out to Grayson Boucher (The Professor) for coming out to judge our #EastBayFunk dunk contest on Saturday and taking time to sign autographs and take pics with all of his fans at the event.