Sprite Commercial: LeBron Face

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LeBron James

Hilarious new commercial from Sprite with their main endorser LeBron James showing the “LeBron Face.”

The concept of the ad is if you are going to express yourself via your look or craft you need to do it with the same passion and intensity as the King of Thirst.  Whatever happened to Thirst – the Lil’ Penny wanna-be that Sprite used in LeBron’s rookie ads?

I was actually disappointed that they used that expression because this is the “LeBron Face” to me. 

Shout out to our friend Werm, LeBron’s teammate in the video, seen in the first couple of secondS.  Werm is a 4 time dunk contest winner of the Sprite Showdown contest and played on LeBron’s team in last year’s Sprite Uncontainable game.  





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