The “best” dunk contest of All-Star weekend goes down today | Kenny Dobbs defends Sprite Showdown title

As most of the basketball world waits to see if the NBA dunk contest can be saved with a group of All-Stars and returning dunk champion Terrence Ross, Kenny Dobbs aka The Dunk Inventor will be returning to All-Star weekend to defend his Sprite Showdown Dunk Title.

In his first win, former dunk champion Cedric Ceballos pulled out the blindfold he used in his dunk contest win to blindfold Dobbs who did a between the legs dunk over 3 people.  Yeah you read that right and if this is the first time you are hearing about it then you probably have the same look on your face as Kobe did when he heard about the dunk.

That event took place 2 years ago in Orlando because the Showdown contest was replaced last year by the Sprite Uncontainable game where Kobe and LeBron James each coached a team made up of streetballers and high flyers like Werm and Chris HoopStar Staples.

Staples and Werm are back this year as two of the 8 contestants in today’s Showdown event that starts at 4pm CST.   If you aren’t in New Orleans to see it then you can watch it live here.

Former Sprite Showdown All-Star Los, 2012 Finalist Kasper, J-Killz, Mike Purdie and JetBlue round off the competition.


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