Spurs vs Heat GM5 Ultimate Timeline (Best Video/Pics/Memes/Tweets)


“It makes last year OK,” Duncan said after the Spurs 104-87 win in GM5.

Revenge is a dish best served cold and nothing was colder than the Miami Heat, as a team, in the final quarters of GM5 against the San Antonio Spurs team.

LeBron, who scored 31 points in a Custard’s last stand like performance, was the catalyst for the Heat who came out on fire and firing in the 1st quarter but the Spurs responded in the 2nd and especially in the 3rd as they erased the 16 point deficit and created a 20 point lead.

“We had a great first quarter, but from that point on they were the better team, and that’s why they’re the champions in 2014,” said LeBron.

Unlike James who didn’t receive any help from his teammates, Tim Duncan received help from the entire roster. It seems every player for San Antonio made a big play – from Patty Mills hitting 3s to Diaw’s passing to Manu being Manu with crafty layups, difficult 3s and surprising poster dunks to even Tiago Splitter redeeming himself (remember LeBron’s block on him last year) by blocking Dwayne Wade.  But the biggest teammate was Kawhi Leonard who became the 4th player in Finals history to score atleast 20 points in 3 consecutive games before turning 23 years old.  He also became the 4th youngest Finals MVP and the 5th non All-Star to ever win the award.

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