Stacey King’s Hilarious Commentary on Zach LaVine Posterizing A Pissed Off Jakarr Sampson

Zach is back and Jakarr Sampson isn’t happy about it.

During Monday’s game between the Bulls and Kings, the 2 x Dunk Champion with a repaired ACL scored a season-high 27 points in 31 minutes and created his first poster as a Chicago Bull. The Kings Jakarr Sampson was the unlucky contributor to the poster worthy of being printed out and stuck on a door.

After the dunk, Sampson seemed a little upset and put his hands on LaVine as if he was about to push him, then decided to just walk away and lick his wounds. Bobby Portis gave him a little pat like “It’s OK Jakarr” before celebrating the dunk with LaVine.

As LaVine was talking to himself after the dunk, Bulls color commentator Stacey King was cracking up WGN viewers with his commentary.

“Stop it Sampson! Did you not get the memo? He ain’t come for the massage, he came for the facial! Oh my goodness…Why Sampson why?

Look at Sampson, he’s upset. You know when you get dunked on you want to push somebody. Yeah you late getting over there but early for a poster. Where’s my poster machine at? I’m on the road, I don’t have my poster machine. That was awesome.”

Unfortunately for the Bulls, the celebration ended there. The Kings rallied in the second half — outscoring the Bulls 63 to 43 — and pulled off a 104-98 victory.

Speaking of upset players, a few minutes before LaVine tried to murder Sampson, his teammate, Robin Lopez, was ejected and tried to murder a chair the way he usually tries to murder mascots.


King was still talking about LaVine’s dunk after the game on Twitter.


King’s commentary turned LaVine’s poster on Sampson from a great one to an epic one, but LaVine’s best poster is still is his first poster in the NBA. Here’s his 2016 poster on Alex Len.