Stadium in Australia to be renamed Dellavedova Dome | Delly overtakes LeBron in jersey sales

The Delly craziness is flirting with Linsanity levels now. After Matthew Dellavedova’s big GM3 performance, online sports retailer Fanatics reported that Delly’s #8 jersey outsold teammate LeBron along with MJ, Kobe and every other basketball jersey.

“We don’t see players rise to top from out of nowhere like this often,” Fanatics president of merchandising Jack Boyle told ESPN.

If that wasn’t Linsane enough, a stadium in Maryborough, Australia where Delly grew up, is being renamed the “Dellavedova Dome” in his honor!

“That’s where Matt Dellavedova learned his craft and the Maryborough Basketball Association have suggested that the stadium, which is a two-court stadium, ought to be renamed after Matthew,” Mr Johnson told 3AW Breakfast.

“He’s certainly put Maryborough on the world map, it’s just fantastic.

So fantastic that kids in Australia are skipping school to watch the NBA Finals.

Source: 9News &