Starters: Who was the Best Undersized Player of all-time?

The Starters discuss who “The Best Undersized Player of All-Time” was.  The picks by the crew included Iverson, Rodman, Ben Wallace, Mugsy Bogues and Charles Barkley.

My personal picks are Isiah Thomas and Barkley.  The baby face assassin could drop 30 or dish out 20 assists on any given night.  The assists aren’t that surprising since he had great underrated scorers from Dantley to the Microwave to Dumars throughout his career but being able to average over 20 points with them is. You might be thinking how is a 6’1 point guard undersized but Thomas wasn’t afraid to drive to the basket and this was during a time when every team had at least 1 7 footer and point guards weren’t trying to score on them in the paint.  Thomas was also the first point guard I ever saw do a tip dunk.

Barkley, at “6’6” was just as good of a rebounder ( led the league in offensive boards 3 straight seasons) as Rodman and Wallace but was also capable of leading the team in points and assists too.  Despite being known as a poor defender, mainly because he and other legends joke about it and people who never saw much of him just ran with and repeated what they heard, Barkley has a long list of some of the most impressive blocks I’ve ever seen and has blocked a dunk attempt by just about every decent center from the 80s and 90s – he also dunked on all of them too with the exception of Shaq (who he fought instead).

How many players can you think of that averaged 2 steals and a block a game gets mentioned as one of the worst defenders in the league?



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