Steal of the league with the steal of the day: Eric Bledsoe theft & oop to DJ

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“I’m still learning behind Chris and Chauncey. Hopefully, we win a championship and if I do get that chance, I can lead a team.”- Bledsoe

The steal of the day could be referring to CP3’s replacement against the Rockets last night or it could refer to the Clippers having the steal of the league coming off their talented enough to beat the Wizards bench.  Eric Bledsoe would easily beat out most starters in the league if he played for any other team that didn’t have an All-NBA 1st team point on them.  With that 1st teamer out with an injury, Eric put up a season high 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assist against Jeremy Lin and the Rockets.

Bledsoe’s made a statement early in the 1st quarter when when Lin threw a lazy cross court pass that was tipped by Bledsoe.  With a quick second jump he gained possession of the ball and then threw the lob to the always in the mood for a lob DeAndre Jordan.

As a Clipper fan, I hope to see Bledsoe stay with the pay-per-view worthy team and possibly win a championship one day but as a Bledsoe fan that wants to draft a starting for another team Bledsoe in a fantasy league I hope he gets his opportunity to shine on a nightly basis one day.

“I’m just focused on winning and learning how to win right now. For the most part, I’m just continuing working and building, learning how to run a team. The other stuff will take care of itself.” Bledsoe after last night’s game.


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