Steph Curry Behind The Back Crossover on Kemba Walker & 3 Over Marvin Williams

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Steph Curry Kemba Walker

Remember back in early December when Kemba Walker yelled “where the f**k is the help” after Steph Curry scored 2 of his 28 3rd quarter points vs the Hornets? Midway through the 3rd quarter of the Warriors win over the Hornets on Tuesday, Walker got crossed with a behind the back move by Curry and Marvin Williams came over and was able to put  a hand in the face of Curry as he attempted a 3-pointer…but it didn’t matter. Splash!

Curry also dropped 27 more points in just 32 minutes and got a lot of help from his teammates, including Draymond Green (3rd straight triple double) and Splash Brother Klay Thompson (also 30 points).