Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, James Harden & CP3 are calling students to Wake Up! for school


The Get Schooled program has to be one of the coolest programs working with NBA players and celebs around.  Last year Get schooled sent Kendrick Lamar and James Harden to play Principal for a day at Bethel Regional High School for winning a contest that required students to fill out key financial aid forms and engaging in a range of college preparatory activities.

This year they are working with Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and James Harden again to make sure you “Wake Up!” and get excited for school.   Get Schooled will also be running contests for students to win autographed memorabilia and other cool things from the 4 NBA All-Star.   The way it works is students can go to Wake Up! and sign up to be on the calling list and choose what time you want to be called.  You will then get a phone call at that time with a message from one of the players.

I hate to disappoint you if you were thinking Stephen Curry was really going to personally call you at 5am but if they were able to get Kendrick and James Harden to be a principal for a day, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up sending Stephen Curry to somebody house one day.

Check out the site for more information and be sure to follow Get Schooled on Facebook and Twitter


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