Steph Curry breaks George Hill’s ankles & plays with Tyler Hansbrough

[jwplayer config=”Auto-Play” mediaid=”33044″]

The irony is that the man with the weakest ankles in the league is also one of the best at breaking other player’s ankles.  That’s kind of like if Samson went around messing up other people’s hair.  Last night’s victim before Steph wanted to play the role of Jeff Van Gundy in a brawl was George Hill (not Paul George NBA YouTube Channel).  What would of made this highlight really sweet is if Curry would of scored instead of being tripped up by the on his back Hill.

The 2nd half of the clip isn’t a 30 second copyright message from the NBA but Steph showing off his handles to Psycho T who looks like he’s trying to play wack-a-mole by attempting to slap the ball.


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