Stephen Curry Drops Chris Paul to the Ground With a Behind The Back Crossover

“I knew he was trailing, and I thought I could make a move toward the basket and get some creativity in between,” said Curry who scored 27 points and led the Warriors to a comeback victory against the Clippers on Tuesday night . “As soon as I saw him kind of go down, I knew I had to shoot it and just see what happened. You kind of get a little adrenaline rush because those are kind of cool moments. Thankfully, the shot went in. I didn’t see the bench’s reaction, but they said everybody was going crazy.”

Yeah they were.


And so were the fans chanting MVP as Curry connected on 4 of 6 from downtown and finished with 27 points while again playing less than 40 minutes.

“The man is tough,” Paul said of Curry. “They run him off a ton of screens. Three of those shots I was in his chest and he still made them.”

He obviously wasn’t referring to the highlight above where Paul was on the ground when Curry made a shot but here’s the full battle between the two State Farm endorsers.

After the game, crossover king Isiah Thomas talked about the “embarrassing play” and shared an amusing story about embarrassing a defender.