Steph Curry crosses Norris Cole then hits a 3 in his face, later does it to Quincy Pondexter

Chef Curry had a couple of dance partners on Tuesday night. The first was Norris Cole who Curry had moving right to left before he launched a 3 in his face with seconds before half-time.

Flash forward to the final 36 seconds of the game, Clutch Chef Curry danced with Quincy Pondexter and then hit a 3 in his face to tie the game up.

The Pelicans went up 3 again after free throws by Tyreke Evans and Anthony Davis and then Curry had one last shot to tie the game again but missed on a controversial last shot attempt.

“I thought I drew the foul on the pump fake because he kind of came to me and I got contact,” Curry said. “The ball dropped and there was obviously no whistle. I got it right back and I had pretty clean look after that that I thought was going in.”

Curry finished the game going 5 of 8 from downtown and had a team-high 25 points and 9 assists in the rare loss to the Pelicans who lost their previous 10 games to the Warriors.

Worth celebrating for Warriors fans is the fact that The Chef just needs 5 more 3-pointers to break the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a season.